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What Is A Holistic Health Practitioner?

Holistic health practitioners can vary greatly, depending on who you are working with. Factors include where they live (because states have different laws), where they went to school to receive their education (each school could have a different curriculum), and what their focus was in during their education.

But, for this blog I want to talk about what I do, since I am the face behind Sacred Perennial.

Hi, I'm Natalie.

Hi! I'm Natalie. I am a holistic health practitioner graduate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. My focus of study during a rigorous two year program was in herbal medicine and included a variety of classes such as herbal materia medica, holistic nutrition, pathophysiology, medical terminology, and a full year of anatomy and physiology. I absolutely love using herbs, in all sorts of preparations, to help support my body on a daily basis as well as address any ailments I might be having.

So what do my holistic health consultations consist of? What do my clients get from my services?

When a client books a holistic health consultation with me, the first thing that they will do is to fill out the client intake forms that are sent to them. These are rather similar to the forms that you would fill out in a doctor's office (minus the insurance forms). So, there are questions regarding your health history, any medications you are taking which include prescriptions and over the counter products, what your nutritional intake is like and if you have any allergies or restrictions, how your stress levels have been, as well as various other questions which help me get an idea of your overall health and all the factors that could be contributing since I look at each client as an individual that is unique. When the client's consultation starts, the holistic health consultation is for one hour (60 minutes). This will be the time where we discuss what their goals are, go over any questions they may have for me, we will go over their intake forms and see if any changes can be made to nutrition, adding in some things, taking away some things.... it really all depends on the individual person. We can discuss using herbs, aromatherapy, and supplements to help them obtain their wellness goals they have or to address any complaints they might be experiencing at that time such as feeling anxious, not getting enough sleep, and even regulating the bowels. Yes! We talk poop! I help guide the client in learning how to safely use a variety of modalities and can also refer clients to other professionals of different modalities that I feel may benefit them. If the client has interest in starting any products, they will have access to my customized online dispensary where they can purchase high quality and professional products. Many of these products you can only obtain (safely) through professionals who have been approved to sell them. I always recommend that people purchase their supplements from professionals to ensure that you are actually getting what you pay for and that they are formulated from high quality sources. I actually wrote a blog about the dangers of buying supplements on Amazon which you can read here. And the fun part........... *insert drumroll here*........... you can do this from the comfort of your own home! We can do it over a phone call, Facebook messenger/video chat, web conference, or whatever works for you. I am totally fine with you being in your jammies or just looking a hot mess, no judgement from me at all! Sacred Perennial is a judgement free zone and HIPAA compliant. Everything is confidential. In addition to holistic health consultations, I also offer consults for herbal products and aromatherapy, as well as a 4-week program using the Spire device. You can check out the rest of my services by following this link.

All the love and support,

Natalie Rogers, HHP

DISCLAIMER: Holistic health practitioners do NOT diagnose, cure, treat, or heal anyone. All consultations are for educational purposes on how to safely use a variety of products. All information provided is NOT a substitute for medical advice from a licensed medical professional.



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