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Reliable Sources for Education and Information

There is A LOT of information on the internet and within the depths of social media platforms. It can easily become overwhelming by all the articles, web-sites, and pretty memes that you see while scrolling Facebook. But is the information safe? Is it up-to-date? Where did that information come from?

So, this blog post is dedicated to all the reliable sources for education and information regarding holistic health modalities, health, and science that I have found over the years! I will continuously edit this blog so that I can add more sources as I come across them, add ones I've forgotten or overlooked, and remove ones as needed if viewpoints change. So this is NOT a full list. If you have any suggestions on any that I should take a look at and add or edit, just let me know in the comments or send me an email!

Facebook Groups/Pages

Schools and Universities

Leading Experts In Holistic/Integrative Health and Other Health Professionals and Practitioners (various modalities)

Science Organizations

Herbal Associations





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