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Aromatherapy And Ancient Egypt


In Ancient Egypt, many plants formed the basis of their remedies. Besides medicinal uses, ancient Egyptians used essential oils and herbs for worshiping gods, embalming, and veneration of beauty and the body. It was also part of daily life in rituals, astrology, medicine, and cosmetics.

Essential oils during this time were not readily available to everybody though. They were mainly used by the upper class, priests, and doctors.

During rituals and worshiping gods, incense that was used to honor these gods included myrrh, juniper, cassia, safron, cinnamon, and tuberose.

Evidence of medicinal herbs were found in the Ebyrs Papyrus, a famous XVIII dynasty scroll. More than 800 recipes and medicinal remedies were found in this scroll, almost all of plant origin.

For embalming, Egyptians used galbanum, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.



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