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About Sacred Perennial

Behind the scenes of Sacred Perennial, you will find Natalie. An incredibly passionate woman when it comes to holistic health and other complementary and alternative modalities. Natalie is an alumnus of the American College of Healthcare Sciences and graduated with Honors as a Holistic Health Practitioner in 2018. She decided to further her studies and is working towards her Bachelor's degree studying Integrative Health Sciences focusing in herbal medicine (c/0 Summer 2021). 
Natalie provides educational information regarding holistic healthcare topics such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, homeopathy, as well as guiding her clients on how to use these modalities in a safe manner based on science and research. Natalie is also trained for professional use of the Spire device and offers the Spire 4-week program to her clients. All client forms and payment data are HIPAA compliant using Acuity Scheduling software. 
Natalie's journey has evolved over the years and her passion to learn runs deep. She has two children, one with a medical condition which made it almost impossible to safely use allopathic medicines. So she turned to more natural medicines with simpler ingredients and little to none side effects and the results was amazing for her child. Seeing how much the change had made for her family, she wanted to learn more and help educate others on how to safely use these tools that nature has provided. So in 2016, Natalie started her formal education with the American College of Healthcare Sciences. During this time, she was a scholarship award recipient and also made the Dean's list multiple times. In 2018, Natalie was invited to the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society which distinguishes her amongst other students by proving that she understands the meaning of hard work and is willing to go the extra distance necessary to achieve academic excellence. After graduating in 2018, Natalie decided to continue her studies with the American College of Healthcare Sciences to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Integrative Health Sciences, with the same passion for herbal medicine and research. Natalie wants to use her passion to help bring awareness to options that the community has and spread her knowledge in regards to holistic health modalities and using an integrative approach to health and wellness. Alongside consulting, Natalie also uses her education in research writing and has been published in the Aromatherapy Today International Aromatherapy Journal Vol 78 August/September 2020 where she compiled research for a monograph on Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris L.
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